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As Erdemir Kalıp, we have been working non-stop since 2013 in order to provide you with the best service.

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Our services

Erdemir Moulding, which has been operating in Manisa Organised Industrial Zone since 2013, shows its power with service quality and incorporating firsts. The company adopting a one hundred percent customer satisfaction strategy, combines the experience of many years with determination to work hard.

Erdemir Moulding

combining the desire to produce the best with its determination to work, also leads the way. It is also the first company in Turkey that produces industrial battery terminals in accordance with DIN and BS standards.

Erdemir Moulding creating customer-specific solutions, is one of the most popular solution partners in the industry.

Erdemir Moulding combines its services under three headings.

These are:
• Replacement parts production (battery)
• Charging and connection cables
• Battery terminals

Erdemir Moulding adopting customer satisfaction and reliability, acts accordingly in all production and service processes.

As a natural consequence of this, Erdemir Moulding develops its customer portfolio both in Turkey and around the world.

We facilitate mass production by creating the most suitable and ergonomic design.
After the design step, we prepare a mould that is suitable for the design.
We perform casting and pressing by using suitable materials.
We present the product, which was revealed as the last stage, to the market after some tests.

Our belief is that the quality is produced and maintained by people.

For this purpose, our company policy is to move the quality of Erdemir Moulding even further with the participation of our employees who benefit from effective management, communication, training opportunities and benefiting from new technologies, to benefit the society, and to be respectful to the environment while realising the continuous development of the quality management system.