Erdemir Moulding

About Us

About Us

Erdemir Moulding, which has more than 25 years of experience in the moulding, metal, and injection industries, operates in Manisa.

Battery replacement production
Charging and connection cables
Battery Terminals

Our company established in 2013

keeps operating to produce the best with the excitement and determination of the first day.

Lead injection is one of the milestones of Erdemir Moulding which continues its investments without slowing down. Research and development and production development processes for lead injection were started in 2016 and the mass production was started in 2017.

The key for Erdemir Moulding’s success is its desire to be the best, the most innovative, and the highest quality. Additionally, trust and satisfaction words are among Erdemir Moulding’s focal points.

Erdemir Moulding increased the capacity of its production facility to 1200 square meters in 2018 for swift and high-quality solutions. Erdemir Moulding which offers solutions that are exclusive to different customers, generates fast and quality solutions for different needs. Erdemir Moulding which has both domestic and international customer portfolios also continues its technology investments.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to become solution partners to our customers by keeping investing and following developing standards with our proficient and creative team that internalises the importance of knowledge and technology without compromising the “human first” philosophy, firm reliability, and product quality.

Our mission is to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices to our domestic and international customers as soon as possible.

We facilitate mass production by creating the most suitable and ergonomic design.
After the design step, we prepare a mould that is suitable for the design.
We perform casting and pressing by using suitable materials.
We present the product, which was revealed as the last stage, to the market after some tests.

Our belief is that the quality is produced and maintained by people.

For this purpose, our company policy is to move the quality of Erdemir Moulding even further with the participation of our employees who benefit from effective management, communication, training opportunities and benefiting from new technologies, to benefit the society, and to be respectful to the environment while realising the continuous development of the quality management system.